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Prep Pack: Echinoderms


Explore echinoderms of the world with this themed unit study prep pack. Created for the WILD Mag monthly subscription, but perfect as an addition to any curriculum or lesson plan. All artwork are original illustrations by Lauren Giordano.

You will receive:

+ Vocabulary flash cards

+ Definition flash cards (with labeled parts of speech)

+ Vocabulary and definition master list

+ Crossword Puzzle

+ Writing practice (manuscript, cursive, and blank lines)

+ What Is An Echinoderm? Illustrated Informational Fact Poster

+ Echinoderms of the World Illustrated Species Poster

+ What’s Down Below? Illustrated Fact Poster

+ Ocean Habitats Illustrated Fact Poster

+ Sea Star vs Brittle Star Illustrated Fact Poster

+ Suckers & Spines Illustrated Fact Poster

+ 7 Echinoderms Family Illustrated Species Fact Posters (Sea Urchins, Sea Stars, Sand Dollars, Sea Cucumbers, Feather Stars, Brittle Stars, Sea Lilies)

+ Under Pressure Illustrated Fact Poster

+ Echinoderms Food Chain Illustrated Fact Poster

+ Test Your Knowledge (with Answer Key)


This is a 28 page pdf available for download immediately upon purchase.


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