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Naturalist Notes: Vol 1


Your Junior Adventurers may love nature study, but do they know WHO helped us learn so much about these species and locations? Learn about the species AND the people behind the research and observation with these unit study packs.
Naturalist Notes: Volume 1 contains 4 packs on individual naturalists:
John Muir
Joy Adamson
E.O. Wilson
William Healey Dall
Do you know which one has a mountain named after them and co-founded National Geographic? Do you know which one saved lion cubs and illustrated indigenous peoples for the Kenyan government? Do you know which naturalist discovered that ants communicate via pheromones? Learn all this and more with the unit study packs included in this volume.

All artwork are original illustrations by Lauren Giordano.

Each unit study pack includes:

+ Biography

+ Reading List

+ Comprehension Questions

+ Coloring Page

+ Nature Journaling Page

+ Anatomy of Species

+ Mapwork

+ Taxonomy

+ Invitation for: Math, or Art Study, Writing/Journaling, or Fable

+ Observational Notetaking

+ Notebooking Cards

The Naturalist Notes Unit Study packs perfectly blend:
+ History
+ Science & Nature
+ Observation and Skillwork
+ Writing & Comprehension
+ Art
+ Nature Journaling & Notebooking
+ Creativity and thought-invoking invitations
+ and so much more!

Each unit study pack is appx 18 pages and available for download immediately upon purchase.



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