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    State Studies

    How State Studies Started As I’ve said before, unit studies are my life. They are how I think, how I plan, how I teach my kids and how my kids love to learn. When my son was 4 1/2, I decided I wanted to do something more interesting, something big, something more cohesive for his Kindergarten year of homeschooling. Numbers, letters and shapes were fun, but I thought he’d progress in a more meaningful way if that information was part of something larger, if he could see how it fits in and applies. I thought long and hard and came up with my own program which I dubbed State Studies.…

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    Poetry Tea Time

    What is Poetry Tea Time? Poetry Tea Time is a term coined by the wonderful Julie Bogart from Brave Writer. She is brilliant, intelligent, and fun! Julie comes up with incredible ways to raise lifelong readers and passionate writers. Poetry Tea Time is quite simply a time to gather with tea (or any drink of your choice) and read aloud poetry. This is meant to foster bonding and inspire critical thinking. Delighting in the finer things in life that are often overlooked is a luxury we should all make time for. It calms us, it soothes our souls, and it draws us closer; to one another and to literature. How…

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    Do You Use YouTube To Homeschool?

    Some families have the no-or-limit screen policy, some use screens just for school or just for fun. We use screens for learning and fun in the format of YouTube videos. But, I do limit their use including days with no screens at all: no tv, no video or phone games, no iPad, no computer. Sometimes, all of us need a break from technology in order to reconnect with the Earth and ourselves. With that being said, I have found tablets to be a wonderful addition to our homeschooling routine. When we learn about geography or animals or historical landmarks, few resources can grab my child’s attention in an interactive way.…

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