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    Make your own Moon Craters

    Moon Craters Learn how to make your own moon craters for a fun sensory play experiment! Whether you’re studying space or just looking for an engaging outdoor activity, making moon craters is perfect (and for all ages!) This activity combines: sensory play, math, science, and more for an invitation to learn and explore. The quick video below gives an overview with full materials and instructions below!   Setup Due to the inherit messiness, this activity is best to setup outside. If you’re in a warm climate, you might choose to use flour or sand for your ‘lunar surface’. In cold weather, snow would be a fun alternative! Keep a few…

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    2019 Curriculum Tour

    What Are You Using? At back-to-school time each year, the big question always seems to be: What Curriculum Are You Using?   I, for one, LOVE seeing what other families have chosen to use. It’s so inspiring to find out about new resources and how those choices work for others. I have certainly incorporated various curricula into our homeschool because someone else shared it and it spoke to me!   First, A Few Encouraging Thoughts With this being said, I feel it’s so important to listen to our hearts and our children and choose what is best for them. I shared my thoughts on a recent planning post where I…

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    Ocean Unit Study

    For the month of March, we are welcoming Spring by ‘diving’ (see what I did there?) into an ocean/marine biology-themed unit study! This is a community loop unit study that I’ve organized on Instagram and you can follow along under the hashtag #oceanschooling. If you study ocean life this month (or in the future), use the hashtag #oceanschooling in your posts to contribute to our growing array of inspiration! It is my goal to create diverse portfolios on many different subjects so that people around the world with homeschoolers of any age can see what activities and resources are used to teach a particular subject! Resources I don’t even know…

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    Human Body Homeschool: Part 2

    As you may already know, we spent the entire month of February studying human anatomy and the body systems using The Good And The Beautiful Curriculum. I shared Part 1 of our lessons, activities, and resources 2 weeks ago. If you haven’t checked that out yet, go give it a read to see how we eased in with the skeletal system, muscular system, organs, and digestive system. The second half of the month, we learned about the circulatory system, respiratory system, urinary system, nervous system, and cells. Circulatory System This was so much fun to dive into! First, we talked about the difference between oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. (Side note:…

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    Human Body Homeschool: Part 1

    If you’re following our journey on Instagram, then you know we are doing a month long human anatomy unit study under the hashtag #humanbodyhomeschool. If you haven’t been following along, go check it out and feel free to join in! I have saved all of my lesson posts under the Human Anatomy logo in my highlights in case you are planning a human body study for the future and want to save some ideas! Resources We Are Using We are following along with the Human Body curriculum from The Good And The Beautiful. So far, I am absolutely loving the way the curriculum is written, the information included, and the…

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    Creating A Unit Study with Letters From Afar

    What Is Letters From Afar? If you haven’t heard of this incredible company, then you’re in for a real treat! Started by a wonderful woman named Shawnee, Letters From Afar is a beautiful collection of travel letters delivered to you each month! Shawnee is the author and illustrator of each letter and they are absolutely gorgeous! She writes to you as ‘Isabelle’ based on the historical world traveler Isabella Bird. Each month you get a glimpse of a new location complete with bits of geography, history and culture. As an extra cherry on top, a portion of the subscription fee is donated to Pencils Of Promise. So, supporting Shawnee and…

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    State Studies

    How State Studies Started As I’ve said before, unit studies are my life. They are how I think, how I plan, how I teach my kids and how my kids love to learn. When my son was 4 1/2, I decided I wanted to do something more interesting, something big, something more cohesive for his Kindergarten year of homeschooling. Numbers, letters and shapes were fun, but I thought he’d progress in a more meaningful way if that information was part of something larger, if he could see how it fits in and applies. I thought long and hard and came up with my own program which I dubbed State Studies.…

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    Summer Science

    What do you do during the summer in terms of home education? Are you 365-homeschoolers? Do you focus on just one subject for the summer? Do you take a break from academics for the season? Do your children participate in summer camps and special events? We like to take a more laid-back approach to give everyone a break from our routine. The state of Florida doesn’t require schooling over the summer, so I don’t log our attendance and record every activity we do. But, we do school year-round, so we pick a couple subjects and just focus on exploring those in a fun and interesting way. This season we chose…

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    Subscription Boxes-What Are They And Should I Get Them?

    Material Connection Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. I only recommend products or services that I have personally used and/or believe will benefit my subscribers. In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guidelines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”    I don’t  know about you, but I am a HUGE fan of subscription boxes. They are an amazing tool and resource for our family. We are subscribed to three services and we look forward to them coming each month. It is like Christmas morning in here when the packages arrive. The first subscription box we ever signed up for was Little Passports and…

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    Steam Kids Challenge

    STEM or STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), and Math. It’s everywhere these days as children are interested in technology and the advancements we are making as a society. We are a very STEM-oriented homeschooling family in that we do a lot of science and technology-based lessons at home. My children are naturally very curious about science and love the hands-on learning that STEM guides provide. We often perform science experiments, incorporate themed math lessons and tie in art to our daily lessons. Roo’s favorite subject is math and Chickie always wants to craft and paint, so STEAM-based learning is perfect for us to combine academics with…