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    2019 Holiday Gift Guide

    The Holidays Are Coming…   Do you have everything you plan to gift to the littles in your life? I like collecting gifts early, around September, so that I am not rushed during the slow season. For me, the holidays are about family: dancing, eating, laughing, story-telling, singing, playing games, cuddling up, and visiting. Not shopping. I am not particularly a fan of jam-packed parking lots, long lines, and the pressure of a ‘sale’. I do, however, enjoy online shopping and supporting small shops for each holiday season. Below, I’ve curated a simple list of potential gift ideas for children. These are things that are fruitful, quality, long-lasting, and can…

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    2019 Curriculum Tour

    What Are You Using? At back-to-school time each year, the big question always seems to be: What Curriculum Are You Using?   I, for one, LOVE seeing what other families have chosen to use. It’s so inspiring to find out about new resources and how those choices work for others. I have certainly incorporated various curricula into our homeschool because someone else shared it and it spoke to me!   First, A Few Encouraging Thoughts With this being said, I feel it’s so important to listen to our hearts and our children and choose what is best for them. I shared my thoughts on a recent planning post where I…

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    Studying The Sky

    Studying the stars and night sky may seem mystical and challenging, but in reality, it is one of the simplest and rewarding lessons we can create! Today I’m sharing our latest winter sky unit study and the resources we used to create an engaging and fulfilling hand-on learning experience. The easiest thing we can do is to step outside and look up. As parents and home educators, teaching observation skills is a life-long investment that will continue to benefit our children in multiple ways. They will be more aware, more curious and safer as they learn to observe their surroundings. These habits provide opportunities for learning, independence and personal growth…

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    Imagine Childhood…A Little Bit Of Nature

    Have you heard of Imagine Childhood? If not, let me grace you with their incredible resources!  Imagine Childhood is an incredible family-owned shop filled with so many playful and educational resources! I originally discovered them by winning a giveaway months ago on Instagram! Since then, I have completely fallen in love with what they have to offer and I am so excited to share a peek into their shop with you all! Nature Play This small shop is incredibly nature-based and super inspiring! If you want to include nature into your homeschool studies, but don’t know where to start, just hop over to their site and browse through their resources and materials.…

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    100 Must-Have Nature Study Resources For Homeschooling Nature-Lovers

    Some families find it hard to incorporate nature into their home education studies. Rest assured, with this 100 Must-Have Nature Study Resources guide you’ll be able to raise a budding naturalist who is in tune with the world around them. We are a very nature-based homeschooling family as we believe we can learn so much from the great outdoors. Be it reading, writing, science, or pure inspiration, stepping outside always draws us closer to one another and deeper into our studies. We own and use most of the items below and are so happy to spread the word about these wonderful products! Many of these resources are created from home…

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    Q + A with Shanda

    What is your name and general location My name is Shanda and I’m from the Mitten State – Michigan!   How many children do you have and what are their ages? I have three kiddos ages 5, 2 and 4 months.   What are the main reasons you chose to home educate? Education is so important. I wanted to make sure that both the mind AND heart were being nurtured and grown. I believe it’s my job as a parent to help bend my children’s hearts toward God. There is no greater calling or purpose of being a mother than that.   Do you follow a specific method or style…

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    Creating A Unit Study with Letters From Afar

    What Is Letters From Afar? If you haven’t heard of this incredible company, then you’re in for a real treat! Started by a wonderful woman named Shawnee, Letters From Afar is a beautiful collection of travel letters delivered to you each month! Shawnee is the author and illustrator of each letter and they are absolutely gorgeous! She writes to you as ‘Isabelle’ based on the historical world traveler Isabella Bird. Each month you get a glimpse of a new location complete with bits of geography, history and culture. As an extra cherry on top, a portion of the subscription fee is donated to Pencils Of Promise. So, supporting Shawnee and…

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    Q + A with Laura Stroup

    What is your name and general location? My name is Laura Stroup. We live in the  Missouri Ozarks. How many children do you have and what are their ages?  3 kids – 9, 6, and 6 months. We have adopted all of our kids. Being a multiracial family has its challenges, but they are such a blessing to us. Our family is perfect just the way it is. What are the main reasons you chose to home educate?  We want our kids to have the freedom to be themselves and learn in ways that best suit them and our family as a whole. We also like that our kids can…

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    Summer Science

    What do you do during the summer in terms of home education? Are you 365-homeschoolers? Do you focus on just one subject for the summer? Do you take a break from academics for the season? Do your children participate in summer camps and special events? We like to take a more laid-back approach to give everyone a break from our routine. The state of Florida doesn’t require schooling over the summer, so I don’t log our attendance and record every activity we do. But, we do school year-round, so we pick a couple subjects and just focus on exploring those in a fun and interesting way. This season we chose…

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    Subscription Boxes-What Are They And Should I Get Them?

    Material Connection Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. I only recommend products or services that I have personally used and/or believe will benefit my subscribers. In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guidelines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”    I don’t  know about you, but I am a HUGE fan of subscription boxes. They are an amazing tool and resource for our family. We are subscribed to three services and we look forward to them coming each month. It is like Christmas morning in here when the packages arrive. The first subscription box we ever signed up for was Little Passports and…

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