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    2020-2021 Curriculum Tour

    I’ve curated and coordinated all of our upcoming studies for the 2020-2021 school year and I am so excited to share it all with you! This school year, our children are “in” 1st and 3rd grade. We’re going to be continuing core curriculum we began last year (like TGATB L.A. Level K and Level 2–totally FREE in downloadable pdf form!), handwriting books (from Learning Without Tears), math (Elementary Arithmetic Book 1 from Simply Charlotte Mason for my daughter and Singapore Dimensions 2B for my son {click here for full blog post review on each of these math curriculum}), as well finishing up our Early American History curriculum from Beautiful Feet…

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    Study with Lily Huckleberry for FREE!

    The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry The moment we laid eyes on The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry books, we instantly fell in love! If you have not heard of this amazing series, you are missing out! To date, there are 2 completed books: The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Scandinavia and The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Japan. The third installment is in progress and will take place in Mexico!   The wonderful creators of these magical stories have generously designed FREE educators’ guides to go along with their books! Now, when you read an Adventure of Lily Huckleberry story, you can dive in and learn more about the country she…

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    Curriculum Add-Ons

    As with any planning process, new things pop up out of nowhere! It is important to me to follow my children, so if they show interest or ask to incorporate something new, I’m happy to oblige.  I have found some extra studies to include in our 2019 school year and I am so excited to share them with you!   Enrichment Extras As I mentioned in my last blog post, I wanted to be more intentional about incorporating fine art studies in a structured manner. Fridays are already our enrichment day, so I thought a once-a-week loop would be lovely way to ease into this and wrap up our week…

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    2019 Curriculum Tour

    What Are You Using? At back-to-school time each year, the big question always seems to be: What Curriculum Are You Using?   I, for one, LOVE seeing what other families have chosen to use. It’s so inspiring to find out about new resources and how those choices work for others. I have certainly incorporated various curricula into our homeschool because someone else shared it and it spoke to me!   First, A Few Encouraging Thoughts With this being said, I feel it’s so important to listen to our hearts and our children and choose what is best for them. I shared my thoughts on a recent planning post where I…

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    Summer School with The Peaceful Press

    Do you school through the summer? We learn year-round, but aim for a more relaxed routine during the summer. In summer, we like to lean a bit more toward ‘lifeschooling’ by learning life skills and learning from what is around us. This summer has been a perfect opportunity to use The Peaceful Press guides in an unschooling manner.   The Playful Pioneers   We started our summer by beginning The Playful Pioneers. This curriculum is so gentle and allows for slow-paced days filled with enrichment and closeness. The Playful Pioneers includes poetry, copywriting, history, cooking, and more all based on the Little House On The Prairie book series. It begins…

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    Gardenschooling (A Month Long Unit Study) We have concluded yet another wonderful month-long unit study; this time all about GARDENS! I’m excited to share our resources, activities, and handicrafts we used to make this a super special month! This is something we all participated in as a family, from start to finish, and it has been wonderful learning and growing together. The Curriculum We used the Peaceful Press Garden Guide as our main spine in addition to From Seed to Table by Creative and Growing Kids and the Garden Unit Study (upper and lower elementary) as well as freebies from my shop! These lesson plans are gentle yet thorough and…

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    Mangrove Unit Study

    Child-led learning has proven to be the most enriching way of learning for us as a family. Curiosity inspires learning. So, whenever my children have a question about something, we dive in headfirst. Living in Florida, we often see mangroves when we travel to the beach or coastal areas. My children have been asking so many questions about them and requested I put together a unit study so we can learn more! I started where most people would start: with books. I pulled out a few of our related titles from our bookshelves and ordered several from the library. As always, I like to collect fiction, non-fiction, poetry, picture books,…

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    Ocean Unit Study

    For the month of March, we are welcoming Spring by ‘diving’ (see what I did there?) into an ocean/marine biology-themed unit study! This is a community loop unit study that I’ve organized on Instagram and you can follow along under the hashtag #oceanschooling. If you study ocean life this month (or in the future), use the hashtag #oceanschooling in your posts to contribute to our growing array of inspiration! It is my goal to create diverse portfolios on many different subjects so that people around the world with homeschoolers of any age can see what activities and resources are used to teach a particular subject! Resources I don’t even know…

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    Human Body Homeschool: Part 2

    As you may already know, we spent the entire month of February studying human anatomy and the body systems using The Good And The Beautiful Curriculum. I shared Part 1 of our lessons, activities, and resources 2 weeks ago. If you haven’t checked that out yet, go give it a read to see how we eased in with the skeletal system, muscular system, organs, and digestive system. The second half of the month, we learned about the circulatory system, respiratory system, urinary system, nervous system, and cells. Circulatory System This was so much fun to dive into! First, we talked about the difference between oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. (Side note:…

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    Human Body Homeschool: Part 1

    If you’re following our journey on Instagram, then you know we are doing a month long human anatomy unit study under the hashtag #humanbodyhomeschool. If you haven’t been following along, go check it out and feel free to join in! I have saved all of my lesson posts under the Human Anatomy logo in my highlights in case you are planning a human body study for the future and want to save some ideas! Resources We Are Using We are following along with the Human Body curriculum from The Good And The Beautiful. So far, I am absolutely loving the way the curriculum is written, the information included, and the…

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