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    Make your own Moon Craters

    Moon Craters Learn how to make your own moon craters for a fun sensory play experiment! Whether you’re studying space or just looking for an engaging outdoor activity, making moon craters is perfect (and for all ages!) This activity combines: sensory play, math, science, and more for an invitation to learn and explore. The quick video below gives an overview with full materials and instructions below!   Setup Due to the inherit messiness, this activity is best to setup outside. If you’re in a warm climate, you might choose to use flour or sand for your ‘lunar surface’. In cold weather, snow would be a fun alternative! Keep a few…

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    2019 Curriculum Tour

    What Are You Using? At back-to-school time each year, the big question always seems to be: What Curriculum Are You Using?   I, for one, LOVE seeing what other families have chosen to use. It’s so inspiring to find out about new resources and how those choices work for others. I have certainly incorporated various curricula into our homeschool because someone else shared it and it spoke to me!   First, A Few Encouraging Thoughts With this being said, I feel it’s so important to listen to our hearts and our children and choose what is best for them. I shared my thoughts on a recent planning post where I…

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    Summer School with The Peaceful Press

    Do you school through the summer? We learn year-round, but aim for a more relaxed routine during the summer. In summer, we like to lean a bit more toward ‘lifeschooling’ by learning life skills and learning from what is around us. This summer has been a perfect opportunity to use The Peaceful Press guides in an unschooling manner.   The Playful Pioneers   We started our summer by beginning The Playful Pioneers. This curriculum is so gentle and allows for slow-paced days filled with enrichment and closeness. The Playful Pioneers includes poetry, copywriting, history, cooking, and more all based on the Little House On The Prairie book series. It begins…

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    Gardenschooling (A Month Long Unit Study) We have concluded yet another wonderful month-long unit study; this time all about GARDENS! I’m excited to share our resources, activities, and handicrafts we used to make this a super special month! This is something we all participated in as a family, from start to finish, and it has been wonderful learning and growing together. The Curriculum We used the Peaceful Press Garden Guide as our main spine in addition to From Seed to Table by Creative and Growing Kids and the Garden Unit Study (upper and lower elementary) as well as freebies from my shop! These lesson plans are gentle yet thorough and…

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    Mangrove Unit Study

    Child-led learning has proven to be the most enriching way of learning for us as a family. Curiosity inspires learning. So, whenever my children have a question about something, we dive in headfirst. Living in Florida, we often see mangroves when we travel to the beach or coastal areas. My children have been asking so many questions about them and requested I put together a unit study so we can learn more! I started where most people would start: with books. I pulled out a few of our related titles from our bookshelves and ordered several from the library. As always, I like to collect fiction, non-fiction, poetry, picture books,…

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    Ocean Unit Study

    For the month of March, we are welcoming Spring by ‘diving’ (see what I did there?) into an ocean/marine biology-themed unit study! This is a community loop unit study that I’ve organized on Instagram and you can follow along under the hashtag #oceanschooling. If you study ocean life this month (or in the future), use the hashtag #oceanschooling in your posts to contribute to our growing array of inspiration! It is my goal to create diverse portfolios on many different subjects so that people around the world with homeschoolers of any age can see what activities and resources are used to teach a particular subject! Resources I don’t even know…

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    Studying The Sky

    Studying the stars and night sky may seem mystical and challenging, but in reality, it is one of the simplest and rewarding lessons we can create! Today I’m sharing our latest winter sky unit study and the resources we used to create an engaging and fulfilling hand-on learning experience. The easiest thing we can do is to step outside and look up. As parents and home educators, teaching observation skills is a life-long investment that will continue to benefit our children in multiple ways. They will be more aware, more curious and safer as they learn to observe their surroundings. These habits provide opportunities for learning, independence and personal growth…

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    Manatee Viewing Center

    I wanted to share with you a wonderful place we love to visit. About 30 minutes south of us is the Manatee Viewing Center. It is sponsored by TECO and the Florida Aquarium and completely free to visit. It is right beside the ocean and there is quite a bit to do for the day! There are hiking trails nearby through a maze of seagrapes and tropical foliage, as well as a bridge overlooking the bay. Obviously, you can tell by the name, it is a beautiful place to go observe manatees! There are other animals to see as well like stingrays, a butterfly garden and wild birds. They have…

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    Imagine Childhood…A Little Bit Of Nature

    Have you heard of Imagine Childhood? If not, let me grace you with their incredible resources!  Imagine Childhood is an incredible family-owned shop filled with so many playful and educational resources! I originally discovered them by winning a giveaway months ago on Instagram! Since then, I have completely fallen in love with what they have to offer and I am so excited to share a peek into their shop with you all! Nature Play This small shop is incredibly nature-based and super inspiring! If you want to include nature into your homeschool studies, but don’t know where to start, just hop over to their site and browse through their resources and materials.…

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    100 Must-Have Nature Study Resources For Homeschooling Nature-Lovers

    Some families find it hard to incorporate nature into their home education studies. Rest assured, with this 100 Must-Have Nature Study Resources guide you’ll be able to raise a budding naturalist who is in tune with the world around them. We are a very nature-based homeschooling family as we believe we can learn so much from the great outdoors. Be it reading, writing, science, or pure inspiration, stepping outside always draws us closer to one another and deeper into our studies. We own and use most of the items below and are so happy to spread the word about these wonderful products! Many of these resources are created from home…

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