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Journaling With Kids

Do you keep a journal for yourself? How about your kids? I know it’s not always easy or convenient to make time for journaling, but it’s such an important and rewarding activity. I hope I can encourage you to light a spark in recording your thoughts and feelings!

I recently found out about Loom Journals and boy oh boy are they AMAZING! Each gorgeous book is an heirloom to be treasured for years. I am so excited to be using these with my children. Loom Journals was kind enough to offer me a discount for my subscribers, so stick around and take a look so you can save on your next keepsake journal!

So what’s inside? Aside from the gorgeous gold foil, beautiful hand-lettering, and minimalistic artwork…it is FILLED with creative prompts, activities, and illustrating pages! This is not merely a lined journal. Each entry is a 2-page spread and notated with ‘Parent’ and ‘Child’ respectively. The prompts on each side are the same and allow you and your child to discuss your likes, dislikes, interests, strengths, and weaknesses together. I love this format as it draws us closer and ignites discussion and passion.

But…like I said…this is not merely a lined journal. One of my favorite activities in the entire book is the family tree. My family is HUGE. My father is 11 of 13 children…so needless to say, my children have a lot of extended family members. I love the look and design of these pages and the ability to record and reflect with ease.

The activities in these pages are so creative: from Create a Family Motto to Designing and Coloring Your Own Fabric Loom Pattern, there is so much to be explored. This journal is beyond creative and engaging and will keep you WANTING to go back to it each week. The participation is simple and perfect for a weekly morning basket routine.

Don’t have a writing-aged child? No need to fret! You can simply talk openly with your child and transcribe their auditory answers.

Don’t have the time to commit to a full year of journaling? No worries! Loom Journals does not box you into a specific time frame. The date boxes at the top of the page are blank so you can fill in the month and year whenever you find the time to be intentional about journaling.

Loom Journals are so much more than…a journal. This company has absolutely blown me away with their packaging, design, content, EVERYTHING! I am so excited about keeping these with my kids throughout their childhood years so I have an heirloom to look back on when they are grown. What could be more special than that?

If you’re looking to instill a quality and comforting rhythm with your child, then use the code ‘CHICKIE&ROO15’ to save 15% off your entire purchase at Loom Journals!

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