2019 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays Are Coming…


Do you have everything you plan to gift to the littles in your life?

I like collecting gifts early, around September, so that I am not rushed during the slow season. For me, the holidays are about family: dancing, eating, laughing, story-telling, singing, playing games, cuddling up, and visiting. Not shopping. I am not particularly a fan of jam-packed parking lots, long lines, and the pressure of a ‘sale’. I do, however, enjoy online shopping and supporting small shops for each holiday season.

Below, I’ve curated a simple list of potential gift ideas for children. These are things that are fruitful, quality, long-lasting, and can be delivered to your home so that you can spend more time with your family and less time out on the road! I’ve split the list into categories, so if you’re looking for a specific suggestion, simply scroll down until you see what sparks your interest!


Wooden Toys

Waldorf Mountain Stacker from Hope Learning Toys

shapes, nature, early learning, learning, education, homeschool

Wooden Magnifier from Imagine Childhood

Knot Your Anchor from Linden Bee

HABA 3D Creative Stones

Wooden Constellation Tiles from Mirus Toys


Loom Journals

Kinship Family Journal from Fawn and Forest

Chalk Full of Design


Winter is the perfect time to curl up and play a board game or card game together. We own and play all of the games below as a family. These have produced hours of fun and learning!

Shadows in the Forest


Garden Game


Spirits of the Wild



Ticket to Ride



Nature Print Paper

Garden Flower Press from Imagine Childhood



Rock Sorting Tray from Bless This Homeschool




Subscriptions are great because they are a gift that keeps on giving! Below are educational subscriptions that we have enjoyed in the past couple years and I can honestly recommend to a friend!

Firefly Nature School Ebox Subscription

Little Passports

Letters From Afar

Yesteryear Gazette

Kiwi Co.

Twelve Little Tales


Loose Parts/Pretend Play

Grapat Mushrooms from Linden Bee

Peg Doll sets from Zooble Toys

Honey Bee Puzzle from Mirus Toys




Handcrafts are wonderful for spending quality time together and building a lifelong skill! These quality crafts will produce something to give as a gift for others through fine motor skills and creativity.

Some wonderful ideas are:

+ Needle Felting

+ Perler Bead Creations

+ Finger Knitting

+ Loom Weaving

+ Whittling

+ Wood Burning

+ Hand Embroidery

+ Candle-Making

+ Crocheting

Materials for these crafts would make for great gift sets or stocking stuffers!


This year I am gifting my children:

+ Books they have asked for

+ Curated Nature Packs filled with exploring and survivalism tools

+ Crafting supplies

+ Games

+ Building Sets


I hope this has been insightful or helpful in some way. Let me know in the comments what you’ll be gifting your kids this season!