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Summer School with The Peaceful Press

Do you school through the summer?

We learn year-round, but aim for a more relaxed routine during the summer. In summer, we like to lean a bit more toward ‘lifeschooling’ by learning life skills and learning from what is around us. This summer has been a perfect opportunity to use The Peaceful Press guides in an unschooling manner.


The Playful Pioneers


We started our summer by beginning The Playful Pioneers. This curriculum is so gentle and allows for slow-paced days filled with enrichment and closeness. The Playful Pioneers includes poetry, copywriting, history, cooking, and more all based on the Little House On The Prairie book series. It begins with Farmer Boy and helps children have a greater perspective of what life was like 150+ years ago. Reading Farmer Boy together has provided so many deep conversations with my children about hard work, appreciation, living off the land, and American culture.



We studied horses, we dyed fabric with beets, and we baked blueberry lemon bread. We have thoroughly been enjoying these slow summer days.


The Mountain Guide


We just got back from a vacation to the mountains! This was our first family trip to the mountains and it was one for the books! We hiked to 2 different waterfalls, boated on the lake, and enjoying game nights in the cabin. In preparation for our road trip, we studied the nature we would observe from The Peaceful Press’ Mountain Guide. This was a wonderful opportunity to educate ourselves prior to our trip and laid a foundation for what my children would see and do while we were up there. As a half unschooling, half unit study family, we have found so many benefits from using The Peaceful Press guides when it coincides with our life experiences.



While we were in the mountains, we decided to incorporate something new into our coming school year. I found these amazing mindfulness cards from Little Renegades. Each card has a beautiful watercolor illustration alongside exercises for children to work on stillness, confidence, and joy. The quiet and serene setting of the mountains was a wonderful way to ease into this new activity and will be wonderful for all of us as we move through the year.



Now that we are back home, we will continue with The Playful Pioneers-Little House In The Big Woods. We’ve started this book and look forward to learning more handicrafts and skills as we make butter, cook together, and enjoy the rest of our summer.


What have you been up to all summer?