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New Releases For Early Readers

books, read, reading, raising kids, children, winter, fall, new releases, harper collins, animals, hardcover, picture books, early reader, homeschool, christmas gift, education, learning at home

I love our collection of classic and vintage children’s books. Nothing beats cuddling up on the couch and reliving the stories of my childhood with my own children. But, when choosing books for our children, we mustn’t only look to the past. There are always beautiful and engaging titles coming out that will soon become the ‘classics’ of the future generations.

Today I am sharing with you 5 brand new picture books for early readers that you are going to love! (and since it’s the season of gift-giving, you might consider picking these up as presents!)

The List

The Rough Patch by Brian Lies

A Parade Of Elephants by Kevin Henkes

Lovely Beasts: The Surprising Truth by Kate Gardner

Mapping Sam by Joyce Hesselberth

A Home In The Barn by Margaret Wise Brown (Author Of Goodnight Moon)

Lovely Beasts 

Let’s Start with Lovely Beasts because it’s my absolute favorite of this stack. The illustrations are gorgeous AND it’s educational (which is a HUGE plus for us as homeschoolers). Each page highlights an animal’s less-than-stellar traits and then goes on to show how this animal is beautiful in its own way.


There are so many reasons to fear various creatures, but it’s important that we see each one for their strengths! Learning about the natural world and respecting nature’s rhythm and balance is an important part of our home education.


Mapping Sam

This book is incredible! Aside from being an adorable adventure of a housecat, it includes all sorts of different infographics and maps!


Each page of this book takes you through tracking Sam’s path, the anatomy of a cat, map of a metro, parts of a plant, blue prints and so much more!


A Parade Of Elephants

With the pastel colors and introduction to counting and opposites, this title will be a favorite for any early reader! The repetitious narration is encouraging for young ones learning new words and will help your child feel accomplished by the end!


My almost-5 year old daughter is learning to read and continues to choose this book! It’s inviting and fun and gives her such a sense of enthusiasm about reading!


The Rough Patch

On a much more serious note, The Rough Patch introduces children to a grim topic nobody wants to explore: Death. A gardener fox loses his best friend (a dog) and learns to cope. The story unfolds in a gentle and relatable manner and is a comforting way to brooch this sensitive subject.


I know I don’t want to think about death, let alone discuss it with my young and innocent children, but this book helps make it easier. The ending is good, so try to hold back your tears until the last page!


A Home In The Barn

Written by Margaret Wise Brown (the famed author of Goodnight Moon) and illustrated by Caldecott Medalist Jerry Pinkney, this book is a warm wintery tale perfect for any holiday season! The story takes you all through the barn and gives a glimpse into what each animal does when the temperature drops.


Just released this year, this title is sure to become another childhood classic for generations to come. The dreamy illustrations and warm narration are a wonderful way to usher in winter! We’ve started a beautiful new tradition of reading it by our fireplace each day.


So what do all of these books have in common?

The answer is: Animals!

This collection is a wonderful way to embark on learning about animal behaviors. In our home education plan, we work through unit studies. Each of these incredible stories is a valuable resource for us as they lend themselves well to introducing animals’ strengths, tendencies, and value.

If you’re gifting books this season for the holidays, be sure to check out these titles! Any child would be overjoyed to receive these and any parent would be more than happy to read them aloud to their children!