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Our Homeschool Week During Co-op Semester

Are you a member of a homeschool co-op? We have been a part of BLHC for 2 1/2 years and we absolutely love it! I have been an educator with our co-op for 2 years and truly enjoy the opportunity to teach my own kids alongside other children in a classroom setting. We host our co-op classes at local parks so the kids can run and play on the playground in between classes. It is almost a ‘high school’ scheduling system and I believe this helps teach kids time management and independence. Although we are so busy during co-op semester, we all love it and look forward to it each season.

Our Schedule:


We do not have classes on Monday, so it is our ‘home’ day. We follow our home education plan and I lesson prep for Tuesday’s classes. Chickie and Roo make sure to pack their snacks in their lunchbox and their materials in their backpacks. This allows them to gain responsibility as they are in charge of making sure their stuff is in order. Of course I double-check that they’ve gathered everything, but it helps me out and saves me time when they are responsible for what they need the next day.


Tuesday is our double co-op day. Classes are from 9am-12pm at a nearby park. I teach the first class of the day called ‘The Art Of Reading’. Each class, I teach the kids about a literary device through a book, activity and craft. The age range is 4-6 years old and it’s very interactive and hands-on. This is the second time I’ve taught this class and the children really love it! We get a one hour break and then Roo has Inventor’s Club class at 11am. This class is amazing! The educator brings in supplies and asks the kids the build something around a theme. Last week Roo made a catapult that shot marshmallows!

After co-op classes, we get another one hour break and then we meet at a different park with a second co-op for homeschool P.E. This runs from 1:30-2:30pm. The first 30 minutes of P.E. is general fitness and exercise like: jumping jacks, stretches, push-ups, sit-ups, and running. The last 30 minutes of class is baseball practice. The kids start by practicing throwing and catching and then we play a few rounds of baseball with the batters and outfielders switching so everyone gets a turn. There has definitely been a learning curve for some of the children, but they’ve grown so much in a short time and all have a lot of fun!


We do not have classes on Wednesday; it is another ‘home’ day and lesson plan day for Thursdays classes. However, we do have a lot of field trips through our second co-op that fall on Wednesday. The first Wednesday of every month we have a science class at a nature preserve from 1-3pm. The children take a trail tour around the spring and aquifer and then head to the education room for a lecture and hands-on experimentation and observation. This class runs for 6 months and is truly an amazing resource.


Thursday is another co-op day but at a park much further for us. Classes are from 9am-1pm with a break at 11am. I teach the first class of the day called ‘Crazy 8’s Math Club’. It is a class of up to 16 students and we learn math through playing games and being wild and crazy. The classes are designed by Laura Overdeck of Bedtime Math and sponsored by the Crazy 8’s clothing store, so there is low to no cost and they supply the materials and supplies for the games as well as the lesson plan. This is my second time teaching this class and it is really so much fun. This class teaches kids how to apply math in real life and find the fun and purpose in learning it. You won’t find any drills, timed practice or even any writing in this class.

After math class, my kids have ‘Ahoy Matey!’ world geography class at 10am. They are learning to read maps and study the continents and oceans through a pirate theme. We have a break from 11am-12pm and then my son has his last class of the day. Roo takes ‘Super Solar System’ from 12-1pm and that about wraps up our day. Every third Thursday of each month, both of my kids have a STEAM class at a local library that is themed for the month or season. This class is amazing! There is a short 10 min lecture at the beginning and then the kids are free to roam and experiment at each of the 5-6 tables that are set up in the room. Staying true to the STEAM name, they have a table with activity or craft for each of the following: science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This class flows so well as the children take turns at each station and they always make something interesting to bring home!


Friday is another stay-at-home day for us. Since we don’t have co-op the following day, there is no need for me to lesson plan, so we usually run our errands like grocery shopping, the library etc. In our home education plan, Friday’s are our enrichment days. This is the day when we study arts, music, poetry, and culinary arts. We are working our way through a year-long world unit study by covering one country a week (or two weeks). So on Friday’s, we cook an authentic meal or dessert, listen to music, read poetry, and recreate traditional art-all from the country we’re studying. This is our poetry tea-time day and we all look forward to the slow pace and low pressure after our super busy week.


Weekends are always reserved for family-time and as annual passholders at Disney, we often frequent there. It’s been amazing visiting EPCOT as an educational field trip to study the countries we’ve been learning about at home. As a family, we love hobbies, and we spend most of our week playing board games and card games together as well as driving R.C. trucks. After such a jam-packed week, it’s nice to relax and draw closer through recreation and fun on the weekends.


How do you spend your week? Are you as busy as us, or busier? Leave a comment below if you have any questions about our schedule or activities and events! All homeschoolers spend their week differently. Click the image below to take a look at other day-in-the-life posts from iHomeschool Network’s Back-to-School blog hop!